As a first serious venture into the hobby field, I was drawn to coffee when I did an internship in London in 2012. The local coffee culture inspired me to start with an aeropress and small grinder, and now I've accumulated a bit of gear.

On the image, you see my setup: an SCAA certified filter machine, a Mazzer Super Jolly with modifications for single-cup brewing, and an Expobar Brewtus-IV, with mods for temperature and steaming milk.

If you like to start, the pages of Matt Perger on homebarista are a serious great starter. Learning about ratios is the way to go... Scroll down on that page to see where it all started, around 2016/7 (useful information has diluted a bit since then).

Else, see:

Get the hang of:

  1. Types of coffee (beans but also espresso vs filter)
  2. Dosing (1:2 for espresso for me, 14gr in 28gr out)
  3. Grinding (such that the timing is right)
  4. Timing (such that the extraction is right: underextracted coffee is sour, overextracted is bitter. Get in the middle!)
  5. Enjoy!

I tried approaching this scientifically, but there are too many parameters to sweep. So just go with it, it doesn't matter that greatly to be a bit off!

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