As a first serious venture into the hobby field, I was drawn to coffee when I did an internship in London in 2012. The local coffee culture inspired me to start with an aeropress and small grinder, and now I've accumulated a bit of gear and knowledge. Let me know if I can give any advice!

On the image, you see my setup. For filter coffee I use the Niche Zero and a Moccamaster. For espresso I use the same grinder with a heavily modified Expobar Brewtus IV. In the Brewtus, I replaced the grouphead for a true E61 group, installed a rotary pump, plumbed it in, painted it white and installed wooden accents.

If you like to start and take the plunge into the rabbit hole, the pages of Matt Perger on homebarista are a serious great starter. Learning about ratios is the way to go... Scroll down on that page to see where it all started, around 2016/7 (useful information has diluted a bit since then).

Else, see:

I would like to say that making filter coffee at home instead of espresso is cheaper, easier and more gratifying!

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