Brewing beer

In my early twenties, I've searched for a hobby, to spend time on and develop myself outside my professional path. By chance, I stumbled on brewing beer: we wanted to give a friend a starting set for brewing. In searching for it, I was caught by the bug and have been brewing since.

I didn't think that a hobby could become a passion, but it has! It seriously is a topic that has many hobbies-inside-the-hobby. I like to find new rare ingredients, both local and international, catch yeast in the wild, meet brewers, organize off-flavour tastings, collaborate on brews, ...! It seriously is a diverse hobby.

See below for resources on beer, and get in touch if you'd like to know something.


Brewing beer in an amphora, see my post on

Wrangling yeast in the local Hortus Botanicus was succesful due to manuals made by SuiGeneris, BootLegBiology, and Eureka Brewing. Further tips from Teun Boekhout from the Westerdijk Institute were very helpful. See the results here on my Milk the Funk post.

Growing hops in my back garden would not be possible without the rhizomes from Henk Wesselink, the hop growing expert!

Learning to taste off-flavours in beer. I've organised one three-evening, and one one-evening tasting sessions for local brewers and homebrewers alike. Using FlavorActiv tasting samples, you can learn 5-20 off-flavours over the evenings.

Organize trips for the local home brewing community, IBU (Ik Brouw in Utrecht). We visited Holland Malt in 2018, the company that is owned by the Swinckels company in Brabant.

Giving presentations for local beer brewing clubs on the usage of hops and yeast including basic knowledge and latest scientific knowledge and brewing trends. It's an evening programme (1-2 hours) with tastings. E-mail me if you are interested on such a presentation, I can always e-mail my presentations in pdf format.

Making cider I've propagated two yeast cultures for Elegast, a local cider maker, to make 2x600L cider this year. Look out for the 'Impearfect Cider' if you like to taste of what I like to make!

Creating a beer flavour wheel for brewers on the basis of language that is used by the suppliers of hops and malt. Find it here). I've tried to add yeast but there are seven full flavour wheels for that so I've skipped that!

Creating a tasting aid for the Kromme Haring on the basis of above flavour wheel, practice and preferences. Find it here.

Yeasts in storage

Over the years, I've gathered the following:

  • Escarpment Laboratories: Fruit bomb saison, Lacto blend, Ontario farmhouse blend, New World saison, Brett B Secondary
  • 6 kveik mixtures: Ebbegarden, Saure, Granvin, Lordal, Simonaitis
  • MTF's Mud King blend (August 2017)
  • White Labs: Brettanomyces clausenii, B. bruxellensis, B. lambicus, B., Amalgamation blend I and II
  • Bootleg biology - Arlingtonesis, Funk weapon 1, Sour #L, Brulosophy blend
  • SCOBY's: Kombucha, Ginger Beer Plant
  • Various bottle dregs: 3 Fountains, Tommie Sjef, Antidoot cider, 28-brett
  • Wild captures: cocoapods (Indonesia), coffee beans (Uganda), 6 wild captures from the USA
  • Benin mixed culture

Where to start learning to brew beer

I gathered a lot of knowledge from It's quite a lot of knowledge so take it step-by-step..!

I'd suggest reading, in order:

However, it makes you a better taster and allround brewer if you venture into related fields like

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