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Mindfulness has brought me a lot in the past year, especially Tich Nhat Hahns' Plum Village / Applied Buddhism approach.

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In my early twenties, I've searched for a hobby, to spend time on and develop myself outside my professional path. By chance, I stumbled on brewing beer: we wanted to give a friend a starting set for brewing. In searching for it, I was caught by the bug and have been brewing since.

I didn't think...

As a first serious venture into the hobby field, I was drawn to coffee when I did an internship in London in 2012. The local coffee culture inspired me to start with an aeropress and small grinder, and now I've accumulated a bit of gear and knowledge. Let me know if I can give any advice!

On the i...

I too often find myself giving random people recommendations of software that I am enthusiastic about. I dedicate this post to software that helps me in my work flow and increase efficiency, and I hope that there’s something useful for in it for you.

Recommendation 1: Digitalise your tasks and lis


After struggling a long time with installing it, the developer pointed me in the right direction (thank you!), a blog helped me too (thanks!) which led me to installing it correctly. If it may help you, this is exactly what I did:

1. Install MIPAV 7.0.2 via

To print your brain scan as a plaster brain, read on! What you need is a T1 weighted anatomical scan of your brain, preferably acquired on a 3T scanner. I used a simple T1-FFE sequence, which comes pretty standard on a Philips MR.

I) If you have a DICOM file: Transfer this to nifti, e.g. using th...

You’re staying up to date with the current literature in your field: good. You might use journal RSS feeds or get journals’ table-of-contents (TOC) mailed to you. If you’re lucky, a friend will have a lookout on new interesting papers.

Unfortunately, these methods have a limited scope as they don’...